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New primary care centre in Doncaster takes shape

Doncaster people can now see a new state-of-the-art ‘super surgery’ rising from the ground in the town centre.

Morgan Sindall, which is delivering the £6.5 million building for NHS Doncaster at Saint Sepulchre Gate West, has completed building work on the 190-tonne steel frame.

The construction milestone means residents are a step closer to benefiting from the pioneering development, which will offer a wider range of health care services.

Morgan Sindall is constructing the four-storey building for Doncaster Community Solutions – a public-private partnership between Community Solutions for Primary Care, NHS Doncaster, Doncaster Metropolitan Council and Community Health Partnerships.

“This is an important landmark in the construction and we hope the people of Doncaster will now be able to get a real sense of what the completed facility will look like,” says Paul Limb, Morgan Sindall project manager.

“We are passionate about creating better environments to live and work in and we are proud to play a role in shaping the future for Doncaster. Once completed, the new health centre will bring huge health benefits to the local community.”

Morgan Sindall demolished Doncaster Trades and Labour Club at Saint Sepulchre Gate West in order to make way for the triangular shaped building which, as well as incorporating a pharmacy, will also be a new home for Doncaster’s 8am to 8pm health centre.

The site team is now making good progress with the installation of metal decking, concreting the upper floors and installing the external render and masonry.

The project is due to be completed in autumn next year.