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Morgan Sindall leaves Fleet Lagoon ship shape after spring clean

A Dorset lagoon has received a spring clean thanks to a team of helpers from Morgan Sindall.

Staff from the company, which is currently on site building the new Chesil Beach visitor centre, joined wardens from the Chesil Bank and Fleet Nature reserve to remove hazardous items from the banks of the Fleet Lagoon. The items included an abandoned boat, moorings and other marine litter.

Due to the precarious location of the abandoned boat, the team had to row equipment to the site to break it up. Once in pieces, the boat was towed up the lagoon by the Fleet Observer, a glass bottomed boat used for public tours of the area by the wardens.

The Fleet Lagoon is a site of special scientific interest and is home to the greatest diversity of wildlife of any lagoon in the UK including a variety of rare birds.

Don Moxom, Warden of Chesil Bank and the Fleet Nature Reserve, says: “Owing to the importance of the Fleet environment, we often have litter picks along Chesil Beach and the Fleet but we needed some expert help in removing some larger items which had become dangerous to the public.

“The team from Morgan Sindall were fantastic in helping to remove these, particularly the abandoned boat which, due to its location, had to be broken up and towed away by the Fleet Observer, our glass bottomed observing boat. The wardens and Dorset Wildlife Trust would like to thank the Morgan Sindall team for all of their help in taking part in the clean-up.”

Paul Gale, area director for Morgan Sindall, says: “Being a habitat of such importance for so much wildlife, it is vital that it is kept as clean and litter free as possible so animals and plant-life can thrive. We were happy to use our skills to help the Fleet wardens.”


Images: Rob Easton and Shaun Dorey of Morgan Sindall help clean up the Fleet Lagoon.

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