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Morgan Sindall to build new chemotherapy unit at North Devon District Hospital

The Barnstaple-office of Morgan Sindall has been chosen to build the new £2.2 million chemotherapy and day treatment unit at North Devon District Hospital (NDDH).

The new single-storey unit will replace the outdated facilities located in the existing hospital and will treat around 15,000 north Devon residents each year, reducing their need to travel to Exeter for treatment.

It will feature its own drop-off point, reception and waiting area, consulting rooms for haematology and oncology outpatients as well as two open-plan and two en-suite treatment rooms. Other features include pre-treatment rooms, a quiet room, staff room and courtyard area.

North Devon Healthcare NHS Trust has been raising the funds needed for the unit for over two years through its Chemotherapy Appeal. To date, it has raised £1.85 million towards the full amount needed to complete the project and is continuing to source funds.

Chris Spear, area director for Morgan Sindall, said: “Patients come to NDDH for treatment during a difficult time in their lives and anything which could make them more comfortable, provide more privacy, a shorter travel time and more space to sit with their families will make a huge difference to their overall wellbeing. The Trust has been inspirational in its tireless fundraising for this new facility and we are delighted to have been chosen to deliver this special scheme.

“Morgan Sindall is well versed in healthcare construction projects and the challenges which go with working in a live hospital environment. We always try to immerse ourselves in the communities in which we build and will be looking to appoint a number of local subcontractors to work with throughout the lifetime of this project.”

Jac Kelly, chief executive of the Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust, said: “We are delighted to be working with Morgan Sindall on this momentous project and can’t wait to see the building take shape next year.

“The fundraising support we have received over the past two and a half years has been incredible, enabling us to reach this exciting stage, but we still need to find £350,000 more to complete the project. If anybody wants to raise money or hold an event for the Chemotherapy Appeal, either now or next year, they can do it in the knowledge they’ll be playing a crucial role in pushing us over the finishing line.”


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