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Morgan Sindall achieves 'Gold' rating in Business in the Community's Environment Index

As one of the UK’s foremost construction and infrastructure companies, Morgan Sindall places a great deal of importance on responsible business. Every year, the company submits a comprehensive questionnaire surrounding its operations to Business in the Community (BITC) for evaluation in its Corporate Responsibility (CR) Index. The CR Index is the UK’s leading voluntary benchmark of corporate responsibility. It provides businesses with a robust framework to help measure, manage and integrate responsible business practice into organisational strategy and operations. Sufficiently answering the questions for a respectable scoring in BITC’s CR Index requires in excess of 500 pieces of documentary evidence, and the standards are rising all the time.

In April, Morgan Sindall, a member of BITC since 2007, fulfilled 89 per cent of the set criteria and was subsequently awarded three stars out of five, placing it joint second in the UK construction company rankings. As part of its assessment in the CR Index, Morgan Sindall is also entered into the BITC Environment Index. This works in very much the same way, but it focuses exclusively on the firm’s strategic and operational approach to environmental and sustainability issues. In this area, companies are primarily assessed on their approaches to climate change, unplanned environmental incidents and waste. There are four ‘bands’ in which companies can sit in this Index following their percentage scoring: Platinum (above 95 per cent), Gold (90 to 94 per cent), Silver (80 to 89 per cent) and Bronze (70 to 79 per cent). Morgan Sindall scored 94 per cent, making it a ‘Gold’ company, ranking amongst the likes of Sheffield Hallam University, Ricoh and Portakabin Group.

Martin Worthington, Morgan Sindall’s director of safe and sustainability, said: “Morgan Sindall is a determined advocate of minimising its environmental impact and bringing the green credentials of our industry to the fore. Our enviable ranking in an assessment as rigorous as the BITC Environment Index is testament to this. I am very proud of the systems we have in place and that we’ve been recognised as a good corporate citizen. I look forward to working with BITC in the future to further push the boundaries of responsible business.”