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The importance of showcasing our industry

There is a lot more to our industry than most people probably realise. Morgan Sindall solves an extraordinary array of engineering challenges across the UK. How do you bore a tunnel under the most densely populated city in the country? How do you mobilise a night time workforce to resurface large sections of a runway knowing planes will be coming in to land early the next morning? Can you construct a sewage plant that powers itself? How do you renovate a listed building and still preserve its original features? These are the sort of demanding problems our industry solves, and we need highly trained people with a diverse range of unique skills to do it.

Our sector is a key driver of growth in the UK economy, and with that comes a responsibility to invest in jobs and skills. But people have very fixed perceptions about what construction and infrastructure jobs entail. The general public’s exposure to a structure’s creation normally comprises some hoardings, scaffolding and maybe a crane or delivery lorry. Open Doors Weekend is a fantastic opportunity for the public to see the internal workings of a construction site in a safe and informative way. The fact is that we’re an all-encompassing industry and there’s a job for everybody in it. Regardless of whether you’re interested in heavy machinery, have a flair for organising a project, or are passionate about the environment, we’re keen to demonstrate that construction is a varied and vibrant industry in which to make your mark. We’re therefore delighted to be supporting Open Doors Weekend 2015. This takes place on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 March and involves the talented people behind our projects giving preregistered members of the public guided tours around some of our sites.

The sites we’re opening for the weekend are:

  • Crewe Green Link Road, Crewe: A 1.1 kilometre dual carriageway that will alleviate congestion in the area and improve connectivity as well as local air quality.
  • The Cambridge Department of Engineering, Cambridge: A ‘living building’ with advanced sensors built into it, this is set to be one of the most exciting and innovative projects delivered in Cambridge.
  • Oaklands College, Welwyn Garden City: Working at the heart of its town centre campus, we are creating new learning and engineering resource centres for the college.
  • The Curve, Slough: A new, state of the art cultural and community centre in Slough. A distinctive three story steel frame construction which will house an auditorium, library, classrooms and café.
  • Mary Hill Health Centre, Glasgow: A 6,000m² three-storey medical practice which will be light and well ventilated. There will be four doctors’ practices in this building.
  • St Ilans Redevelopment, Caerphilly: An extensive renovation of existing school facilities as well as construction of a whole new teaching block. We’re significantly renovating this site to meet the needs of pupils and staff.

To book your visit to one of our projects, please visit and select ‘Morgan Sindall Group plc’.