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Esholt bio-energy plant officially opens

Yorkshire Water’s £34 million innovative and energy self-sufficient bio-energy plant located at Esholt waste water treatment works, has been officially opened.

The pioneering new energy scheme, located to the north of Bradford has been designed and delivered by the Morgan Sindall Grontmij joint venture following a commission by Yorkshire Water to help meet their aims of reducing their carbon footprint and delivering energy savings at one of their largest sites.

The project involves the application of thermal hydrolysis, an innovative method of treating and disposing of waste sludge generated by the waste water treatment process which has seen the installation of a new Thermal Hydrolysis Plant (THP) into the existing sludge treatment facility at the waste water treatment works at Esholt. THP exposes the waste sludge to high temperatures and pressure, which subsequently disintegrates the celluar structures of the waste which in turn produces biogas, a natural gas which is then used to directly provide heat and power to the site. This means that the plant is effectively energy self-sufficient and will reduce Yorkshire Water’s carbon footprint by 9,000 tonnes and will deliver significant energy cost savings.

Simon Smith, Managing Director - Utility Services for Morgan Sindall and Gavin Stonard, Director of Water & Asset Management for Grontmij said: “The Morgan Sindall Grontmij joint venture is committed to adopting a sustainable approach on all the projects we deliver for Yorkshire Water.”

“With this in mind, we are particularly pleased to have been able to deliver such a green and cost-effective solution that both treats and enhances the sludge product whilst also generating a sustainable energy stream for Yorkshire Water.”

The plant held its official opening on 3 October.